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Karadeniz Floating Power Plant Operates One Month Ahead of Schedule


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The Karadeniz Powership Zeynep Sultan marine vessel power plant (MVPP) today (28/1) has officially commenced commercial operations, a month early from the initial schedule of 28 February. The vessel will supply electricity to the interconnected electricity system of North Sulawesiand Gorontalo.

Karpowership Indonesia spokesperson Ms. Zeynep Harezi said the Karadeniz Powership has kick-started operations only within seven (7) weeks since its arrival in Indonesia and inaugurated by President Joko  Widodo on 8 December. Ms. Harezi says the presence of Zeynep Sultan is evidence that the marine vessel power plant is a faster solution for PLN to supply electricity to several islands, compared to onshore power plants. For example, building a steam power plant would take 4-5 years to complete.

Ms. Harezi detailed, after its inauguration by the President of Indonesia, the Karpowership team performed throughout details on the vessel, before sailing to Amurang, Manado, to supply electricity to North Sulawesi and Gorontalo. “Such completion of pre-commissioning activities and final checks are crucial for a Powership, we made sure that no problems would surface when vessel begins to operate,” Harezi said.

Finally, after several days of installation and administration works were completed, on 27 January, the Karpowership passed the commercial operation tests and is now ready to supply electricity to North Sulawesi and Gorontalo.

PLN-Suluttenggo public relations and environmental supervisor Dermawan Uloli said PLN- Suluttenggo is delighted that the Zeynep Sultan marine vessel power plant has commenced commercial operations to supply electricity to the interconnected electricity system of North Sulawesi and Gorontalo.


She expressed gratitude to people from Zeynep Sultan marine vessel power plant for their cooperation and their success to complete the operational tests quickly and successfully as the vessel will help meet the electricity demand from the local public. “Electricity supply in North Sulawesi and Gorontalo will gradually recover. The regions have been suffering from electricity deficit,” Dermawan said.

With the vessel ready to operate, PLN-Suluttenggo and Karpowership Indonesia, as the operator and the owner of the Zeynep Sultan marine vessel power plant from Turkey, have signed the commercial operation date (COD).

Zeynep Sultan is able to offer cheaper electricity as its machines are more efficient and it can operate with HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil), which is far cheaper than HSD (High Speed Diesel). Furthermore, vessel also flexible in terms of fuel as it can run on both LNG and HFO. This can help PLN optimize its energy mix.

However, the most important thing is that the marine vessel power plant does not need external electricity supply (black start), so the technology is very suitable to be used to supply electricity to islands were the electricity load fluctuates.

Ms. Harezi further explained that the Zeynep Sultan marine vessel power plant uses the most advanced technology, offers the highest efficiency and meets international design standards. The Zeynep Sultanwill be operated by PT Kar Powership Indonesia, a subsidiary of Karpower International in Turkey. Meanwhile, PT Kar Powershi, along with its business partners and suppliers in Indonesia, is committed to continue  to invest in Indonesia, and will increase the role of local communities and increase local content.

The inauguration of the Zeynep Sultan marine vessel power plant will be attended by the Governor of North Sulawesi Soni Sumarsono and the Governor of Goront