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Karadeniz Powership Onur Sultan Starts Operations in Medan, North Sumatra


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The Largest Floating Power Plant in the World will provide Low Cost Continuous Electricity to North Sumatra, Indonesia.


Karadeniz Powership Onur Sultan Marine Vessel Power Plant (MVPP) arrived to Medan on May 19,2017. The 470 MW vessel started supplying 240 MW of electricity to the interconnected electricity system of Medan on June 14, 2017, in less than a month of its arrival. 


The commissioning of Onur Sultan marine vessel is one of the fastest commissioning of a power plant of this size in the industry. All administrative and safety preparations were completed for berthing the Powership, connecting to the power lines, and getting ready to produce electricity. PT KPI has worked together with PT PLN to ensure a fast synchronization and start delivering power during the holy month of Ramadan ahead of Eid-ul Fitr


Onur Sultan is the fourth Powership to start operations in Indonesia, following Zeynep Sultan, operating in Amurang, North Sulawesi, Gökhan Bey, operating in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, and Yasin Bey operating in Ambon, Maluku.


Onur Sultan, just like all of Karpowership’s Powerships, is able to offer cheaper electricity as its systems offer combined cycle high efficiency with dual fuel capability, with the cost benefits of Low Sulphur HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) operations, which is far cheaper than HSD (High Speed Diesel). Furthermore, the vessel is also flexible in terms of fuel as it can run on both Natural Gas (NG)/LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and HFO, which if needed will help PT PLN optimize its energy mix.

Onur Sultan marine vessel power plant uses the most advanced technology, offers the highest efficiency and meets international design standards. PT Kar Powership Indonesia under PT PLN Leasing Marine Vessel Power Plant (LMVPP) operates with ISO compliance to ensure highest quality services to Indonesia, along with its business partners and suppliers in Indonesia. Karpowership is committed to continue to invest in Indonesia, and will increase the role of local communities and increase local content continuously.




PT Kar Powership Indonesia is a subsidiary of Karpowership, the only owner, operator and builder of the first Powership™ (floating power plant) fleet in the world. Since 2010, thirteen Powerships have been completed exceeding 2700 MW installed capacity. Additional 5300 MW of Powership are in the construction pipeline.


Karpowership’s current fleet has been supplying 15% of Southern Iraq, 15% of Lebanon, 23% of Ghana, 10% of Zambia, 31% of North Sulawesi, 55% of East Nusa Tenggara, 80% of Maluku, and 10% of North Sumatra’s total electricity generation.


 As of today, Karpowership has operations in South Americas, Western Europe, West Africa, East Africa, East MENA and South East Asia and more than 2,500 employees and is expanding through renewables, Powerships and other innovative energy supply solutions.