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Karadeniz Powership Zeynep Sultan Arrives to Indonesia


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Asli Altug

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Jakarta, Indonesia -- Karadeniz Powership Zeynep Sultan has arrived in Indonesia right on time as the most convenient mobile solution to Archipelago’s power shortage. Zeynep Sultan, Indonesia’s first Powership with an installed capacity of 125 MW will start operating in Amurang, Manado and will be connected to the national grid in the coming month.

Karpowership is contracted for 5 “Marine Vessel Power Plant’s” with a total capacity of 540 MW to generate power in 5 different locations in the RI. Agreement is signed recently between the state utility PT PLN (Persero) and Karpowership Indonesia Company for the first Powership. As per this agreement Powerships will generate 540 MW for 5 years, which will directly supply into respective islands’ electrical grids. This agreement will be a significant contribution to Indonesia’s electricity supply and industry through the islands. The Powership™ project will be an economical solution to Indonesia’s existing power generation while providing valuable foreign direct investment and creating value for the areas it operates.

The Powership is expected to generate high voltage electrical energy at one of the low prices for thermal power generation. The Powerships will initially use the economic and abundant Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to generate electricity but will have the ability to convert to Natural Gas subject to customer desire. In addition to providing security of supply and baseload contribution to the grid, Powerships aim highest fuel efficiencies as well as providing one of the lowest fuel cost for Indonesia.

This is the largest Foreign Direct Investment “FDI” investment by a Turkish company in Indonesia and also aims to support the two countries' growing economic relations as well as contributing to job creation across the archipelago.

About Karpowership

Karpowership is a subsidiary of Karadeniz Holding, an industry pioneer in innovative energy projects for the last 20 years, playing an active role in medium to long-term investments in domestic and international markets. The company started its energy investments in Turkey, and is the first private electricity exporter in the country, having supplied more than 27 billion kilowatt hours electricity worldwide since 2003. Currently, Karpowership owns and operates more than 1800 MW installed capacity globally. Powerships are contracted to supply 15% of Iraq’s, 27% of Lebanon’s, 22% of Ghana’s and 16% of Zambia’s total electricity generation in addition to the contract in Indonesia.

Karpowership is the only owner, operator and builder of the first Powership™ (floating power plant) fleet in the world. Since 2010, nine Powerships have been completed which add up to 1500 MW installed capacity. In addition 5,900 MW of Powership is under construction/in the construction pipeline.