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Karpowership is a sector pioneer in fast-track, medium- to long-term power solutions and the only owner, operator and builder of the first Powership fleet (floating power plant) in the world. Since 2010, 15 Powerships have been completed and are in operation which exceeds 3000 MW of total installed capacity. Additional 5000 MW of 18 Powership are either under construction or in the pipeline.

As of today, Karadeniz has approximately 2500 of employees and is expanding through Powerships and other innovative energy supply solutions.


 Karpowership Quick Facts

  • Unique developer of «Powership» concept

  • 15 Powerships in operation with more than 3000 MW

  • More than 45bn kWh delivered

  • More than 5000 MW under construction as new Powerships

  • A global workforce of approximately 2500 people

1. What is Powership?

Powerships are barges or ships mounted fully integrated floating power plants, delivering fast track, utility size and grid power plants, with no completion or construction risk, ready for power production within 90 days.


 2. How Powership work?

Powership is designed and built utilizing in dual fuel engine technology, operating combined fuel and natural gas cycles to maximize efficiency. Fuel flexibility through HFO, Natural Gas or LNG ensures the lowest cost of delivered power with no capital outlay. Powership is turnkey integrated power solutions, which accommodate all requirements of generating and delivering power. From fuel storage to high voltage substation, all equipments and processes are on-board.  


 3. How is power transferred?

The power is fed directly into the transmission network from Powership’s on-board EHV substation at country’s voltage and frequency level. Powership is equipped with state of the art electrical systems that enables flexible and smooth electrical connection.


4. Who needs Powership?

We developed the Powership solution for both the public and private sector:

 Public sector clients:

  • Local and national governments

  • Ministries, energy, oil and natural resources

  • Electrical utility companies, national and state

 Private sector clients:

  • Blue chip multi nationals

  • IPPs

  • Special free zones

 5. How Powership is installed?

Powership can be installed at a coastal site where there is an available substation for electrical connection and suitable marine conditions for berthing or mooring. Mooring will be followed by interconnection of Powership to main grid. Finally, fuel connection takes place either from on-shore facilities via pipeline or through bunkering.


 6. What are the basic site requirements?

There are different Powership classes with different physical characteristics such as length, draft, etc., meaning the requirements vary depending on the Powership class.

The optimum site for Powership would be a protected site with convenient draft and space for berthing and mooring and a near substation for electrical connection. However, these are the optimum conditions not limiting conditions; Karpowership’s experienced marine team is capable of performing, berthing, mooring operations and experienced electrical team is capable of carrying out connection operations.


 7. What is the delivery term?

Around 90 days following financial closure.


 8. Is Powership for sale?

No, Powership is available under Electricity Generation Services Contracts, Power Rental Contracts, Energy Conversion Works Contracts or Power Purchase Agreements. Contract capacities vary between 30 MW and 1000 MW.


9. Is Powership for rent?

Powership is available under Electricity Generation Services Contracts, Power Rental Contracts, Energy Conversion Works Contracts or Power Purchase Agreements. Contract capacities vary between 30 MW and 1000 MW.


 10. Who operates Powership?

We deliver a turn-key project, where mobilization, site preparation, operation and maintenance, contract management and if requested, fuel supply are provided by our in-house team.


 11. Is it expensive?

 A Powership can supply base load or mid-merit electricity at prices lower than many existing thermal power plants and similar sokutions, thus countries can eliminate the high cost generation and those savings can be used in financing other productive investments instead.


 12. Currently where do existing Powership operate?

Powerships are currently operating in Lebanon, Ghana, Indonesia and Zambia via Mozambique.


 13. How much electricity can Powerships supply?

Karpowership’s current fleet supplies 25% of Lebanon, 23% of Ghana, 16% of Zambia, 30% of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, 55% of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, 80% of Ambon, Indonesia, 10% of Medan, Indonesia, and 15% of Southern Iraq’s in 2016. Powership with 125 MW capacity can power 250,000 households in South Africa whereas this number is 950,000 households with a 470 MW Powership.


 14. What advantages do Powership project have over other fast-track solutions?

Powership with dual fuel technology to operate on both Heavy Fuel Oil and Natural Gas at maximized efficiency levels. Utilizing cheap and abundant Heavy Fuel Oil, operating at outstanding efficiencies and years of operational experience are only some of the many factors that make Powerships the most economical, fast-track and reliable solution in the market.  


 15. What is the difference between a Powership and a land based plant?

There might be several difference such as the type of fuel used or technology employed. However the most significant differences are:

  • Powership is a power plant, which can be mobilized.

  • With Powership, the same amount of output can be achieved in a much smaller area compared to land based plants.

  • Powership is available within weeks whereas construction of a land-based power plant could take years.

  • Powership does not require project financing whereas land based power plants do.

There is no risk of project completion. Powership is delivered as a turnkey solution within weeks after contract signing. On the other hand, during the construction of land-based power plants, which can take several years, there may be several risks due to political, economic or operational reasons.


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