Karadeniz Energy Karadeniz Energy


Karadeniz Energy Group is a highly reliable organization that has designated minimum impact on the environment and the society as an important indicator of business success in its projects.  Each member of KEG family is responsible for strict adherence to environmental conservation standards and for incorporating the promise of “Protect the Environment” into their work.

Protection of the environment and people is one of the most significant values of Karadeniz Energy Group. Our motto is, therefore, “Safety and Health First.”  So, we make sure that local and international regulations are always adhered to (IFC PS 2, ISO 14001 standards).

All of our employees who work within our energy fleet, land plants, facilities and KEG offices, and all the employees who work for group companies or for main or sub-contractors receive procedures of our Environment, Health and Work Safety (EHWS) policy. Their observance is always meticulously followed. 

In all processes ranging from investment planning to field preparation or operations, international standards of health, safety and environmental risk analyses are carried out.  Based on these analyses, environmental and social action plans are created and followed through in order to improve the quality of our processes.

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