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The main principle of hiring in Karadeniz Energy Group is to find the right employee for the right position.  Dynamic candidates who will be enthusiastic to participate in the realization of KEG's strategies while actualizing their own potential and growth are preferred.  For this purpose, many sources are used such as career portals, counseling firms, the social media and the Karadeniz Group career site.

The incoming applications are first assessed by the Human Resources Department.  Depending on the job-related eligibility, a long list is drawn and interviews are organized.  After the first interview, those candidates who fit the profile continue with additional assessment tools like an English test and/or DISC Profile Analysis depending on the requirements of the position. 

After the approval of the Human Resources Department and Department Managers, a background check is run for the candidates.  If the result is positive, a job offer is made.  It is essential in Karadeniz Group that candidates do not get a job offer before this reference check is completed. 
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