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Karadeniz Group provides a thorough and exact utilization of work rights and benefits to all employees. A fair and frank approach as well as a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy work environment is provided to all employees.


Upon hiring, first of all, employees are assigned a supervisor in charge of the orientation program and receive an e-orientation presentation about Karadeniz Group in general.This way, employees in all locations get a general idea about the company and its practices, and direct their questions to the supervisor as the need arises so that their adaptation process becomes much easier and more smooth. 


Salary Management System

Karadeniz Group utilizes the HAY methodology in wage management system.  Work representing the work groups and families as well as a work performance assessment determine the wage categories. In a volatile employment atmosphere and through an accomodating  flexible structure, a wage policy compatible with market conditions aiming to pay the right wage while maintaining institutional balances is implemented. Every year, comparisons based on work groups are carried out, and the system is constantly revised. 



Karadeniz Group employees receive customized professional and personal training.  During the fiscal preparation period, the needs of the following year are determined and a training plan is drawn. Moreover, e-training sessions designed to support personal growth and success that are independent of time and location are provided for all employees everwhere. 

Social Support and Fringe Benefits

All employees benefit from supplementary packages depending on their work category.

All employees are insured against accidents and for health issues from day one.  Also, all employees can benefit from the workplace infirmary service for simple daily concerns.

A dining hall service is provided in workplaces where possible in accordance with the work hours. Menu preparation takes into account the daily calorie needs of our employees.  Also, cafeteria service is provided throughout work hours.  In other workplaces, employees get a lunch ticket.

All leaves of absences are granted according to the Business Law.  Sick leave, marital leave, maternity leave, death-in-the-family leave and the like are granted in Karadeniz Group Headquarters and group companies.

We provide transportation for our employees in certain offices along the main arteries.

We supply all our employees with the necessary equipment and tools such as phones, software and hardware relevant to their position and title.

We have special gifts for births and marriages.  We also distribute surprise presents to our employees on Special Days such as the Mothers’ Day and the Fathers’ Day.


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