Karadeniz Energy Karadeniz Energy


Karadeniz Group places people at the heart of the energy that it dispenses all around the world.  It provides prosperity and employment in every location where energy is produced. Karadeniz Group Human Resources Policy is built on creating a human resource profile that is dynamic, creative, strategically-oriented, expert in their field, socially advanced, and highly motivated with added value.  This profile is  to be managed effectively by correctly directing the skills towards the goals of Karadeniz Group and improving them.

Working for Karadeniz Group means getting  a chance to work towards becoming a world power with all one’s being.

In order to implement our Human Resources Policy:
  • A friendly environment of employee contribution and suggestions is provided; job performance is assessed; achievements are acknowledged
  • Human Resources are continuously improved in order to be preferred in the sector
  • Adherence to the law is always observed; employee rights are protected
  • Equal opportunity is provided to all employees
  • Employees in all locations get an equal service
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