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Sticking with our founder Rauf Osman Karadeniz’s motto “One World”, and through investments made at home and abroad, we continue to play an important role in the economic development, which is one of the most important components of social responsibility.

We believe education is the key to build the future of Turkey, and accordingly, we prioritize education and training in our institutional social responsibility efforts.

As the number of countries where we are active rises and our portfolio of foreign companies becomes more diverse, we reach out to children in far away places in matters of education and health.  



On September 15, 2004, on an area of 5.000 m2, Rauf Osman Karadeniz Primary School, named after our founder, was built in Silopi, Şırnak, Turkey and currently has 350 enrolled students and another 250 graduates.


Each year we support an Özyeğin University student as our scholar for 5 years. 


With the increase in the number of girls participating, one of our main priorities has become the support of girls’ education for their future contribution in female entrepreneurship and employment.  Multi-Purpose Community Centres (MPCC), targeting this purpose became operational in Southeastern Anatolia in 1995. Since 2003, we support nearly 5000 students together with CATOM. During the 2017-2018 academic year, 660 students were awarded with our scholarship.


Turkish Foundation for Underprivileged Kids, serve children separated from and neglected by their families, by contributing to their healthy growth, education and development of their skills in order to prepare them for their future integration into society.  Karadeniz Group contributes by providing annual milk need for these kids since 2007. 

As a team, we often visit the village and do our best to help children with their needs. In 2016 and 2017, as a company we ran at the 38th and 39th Istanbul Vodafone Marathon to raise awareness for Koruncuk Foundation.


We are giving scholarship to successful 10 students at Vefa High School, where our founder Rauf Osman Karadeniz graduated from. In 2018, we restored the school's library.


We support “I Want to Work” project organized by the Austrian High School Organization since 2007. Female students from different universities in the East and Southeast Anatolia get a chance to attend a monthly training in the leading institutions of Turkey including Karadeniz Group. 


We donated 800 books, including the World Classics and Turkish Classics to schools in Southeastern Turkey and allowed them to expand their libraries. 


We are sponsoring the Robotics Team of the Austrian High School Alumni Foundation Private Alev Schools who were the winners the 2016 Turkey Remotely Controlled Underwater Robot Contest and qualified for NASA MATE ROV 2016 World Championship.

TEV İnanç Türkeş High School

In 2017, we sponsored Kafes Libra Conference organized by the students of TEV İnanç Türkeş High School. 

Istanbul Technical University

In 2017, we sponsored Istanbul Technical University's ROV Team to participate in the Underwater Robotics Competition organized by Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) in California.


Our operations in Tema, Ghana started in December 2015. 

In 2016 activities:

- Food sponsor of Tema Fisherman Festival and Tema New Town Chief Festival.

- Ramadan food package distribution to 200 families in need.

Contribution to the Tema community of fourteen 4,500 liter water tanks and 11 wire mesh.

- Donated reflective vest and torches to the Tema New Town Police Station.

- Eid-Al Adha donation of two cows to the Tema Newtown Zongo Community.

Distribution of 2,000 school backpacks with school supplies to the students of Tema’s Manhean Anglican A and B, and Manhean C and D Primary schools.

- Provided funds to cover 100 students’ exam fee in Tema’s Manhean Presby A and B Primary school.

- Sponsor and renovate Tema’s Manhean C and D Primary school computer laboratory with a 31 computer capacity.

- Christmas gifts and book donation to 130 children at SOS Children’s Village in Tema.

In 2017 activities:

- Fisherman and Fishmongers Food Aid.

- Ramadan food package distribution.

- Food sponsor of Homowo Festival.

- Manhean clean-up exercise.

- Eid Al-Adha donation of Bestowal

- Provided education bursary

- Christmas gifts


Our contract in Indonesia consist of 5 locations: Amurang, Lombok, Kupang, Ambon and Medan. Our operation in Indonesia started in 2016.

In 2016 activities:

- Distribution of 800 Ramadan packages to families in need in Lombok and Amurang.

- Distribution of 400 school backpacks with school supplies in both Amurang and Lombok to students in need.

- Launch of Lombok Community Centre computer labs with a total of 11 computers respectively to provide easy access to information. 

- Donation of a bell to the nearest church close to our Powership in Amurang.

- Distribution of 200 school kits to students in Kupang in 2017 school year.

- Donated 5.000 seeds to the Minahasa Selatan Adipura project to plant in open areas around our Amurang. The majority of our seeds we donated consist of Trembesi and Ketapang trees.

In 2017 activities:

- Distribution of  school backpacks with school supplies in Amurang, Kupang and Lombok to students in need.

- Food Aid in Ambon.

- Christmas gifts donation in Ambon and Kupang.

- Ramadan food package distribution in Medan.

- Donated Mahagony Tree Seedling for Medan and DLH Adipura Seed for Amurang.

- Launch of Amurang Community Centre computer labs.


As an active player in Lebanon’s energy sector since 2009, we do our best to provide Lebanon with educational support.
- Distributed 2,000 school backpacks with school supplies to students in need. The school supplies consist of: pencil case, pen,    pencil, ruler, eraser, and notebook.
- Donated 15 computers to neighbouring Municipalities in Zouk and Jiyeh.


Following the commencement of our operations in Nacala, Mozambique in March 2016.

In 2016 activities:

- Making workshop about what electricity is; so completed a workshop on energy and electricity for students and teachers of neighbouring schools in Nacala. 

-Distribution of 2,500 school backpacks with school supplies to students in need.

Distributed Christmas gifts and food package to 150 children at the Nacala Hospital.

In 2017 activities:

-Sponsored the Nacala Sports Team at the XIII Schools Sports Festival games. 

Food sponsor of Nacala 46th Anniversary.

- Christmas gifts donation.


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