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Kartet has exported 10 billion kWh worth of electricity from Turkey to the Republic of Iraq since 2003 through a deal made with the Ministry of Electricity in Iraq. In this regard, Kartet has kept its place among the 100 biggest export companies, announced every year, by the Turkish Exporters Congress.  Also, it has won the 2006 and 2010 IMMEU Export Star Award, twice in its category granted by Istanbul Mining and Metal Exporters Union (IMMEU).


As a result of the successful effort to have the Turkish Electricity System connected to the ENTSO-E (formerly UCTE) with a synchronized parallel connection, an across-the-border trade-bid between Europe and Turkey was held for the first time in July 2011. Thus, import/export rights were granted to Kartet in accordance with the deal that was sealed after the bid. Kartet gained 70% of the import/export rights, which is worth 126,480,000 kWh of electricity and realized this goal to the fullest extent.


Kartet also got a substantial portion in the cross-border trade deal with both Greece and Bulgaria. Kartet aims to become an important brand name in the cross-border energy trade through deals made with leading European energy companies. Kartet progresses with confidence through its operational and financial efficiency.

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