Karadeniz Energy Karadeniz Energy


We, at Karadeniz Energy Group, provide innovative employment solutions since 1996.  As a family-owned company, we aim to be a reliable business partner in addition to producing profits without any damage to humanity and environment.

We work every day thinking about presenting "more" to humankind without not budge from our values in the “One World” philosophical framework defined by our founder, Mr. Rauf Osman Karadeniz.

We are dedicated to creating a better and brightful future for countries by providing the right energy sources as our main business endeavor. 

Energy means growth for countries, as well as employment opportunities and an increase in the standard of living.  The fact that we contribute to the development in countries motivates us to create innovative solutions. Our creative solutions and our commitment to technology makes us a world leader in floating power plant sector.

I thank all my colleagues for their support and efforts. 

Orhan Remzi Karadeniz


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